About the PhD Program

About the PhD Program

in study field 1.1.4 Pedagogy

Referee: Prof. PhDr. Branislav Pupala, CSc.
Co-Referees: Doc. PhDr. Gabriel Bianchi, CSc., Doc. PaedDr. Ondrej Kaščák, PhD., Doc. PhDr. Ivan Lukšík, CSc., Doc. PhDr. Oľga Zápotočná, CSc.

Study level: 3rd (PhD.)

Form and lenght of study: internal (three years), external (five years)

Awarding scientific academic degree: Philosophiae doctor (PhD.)

School pedagogy is a stable and relevant part of scientific thinking in the field of education, which at various levels generally covers the whole broad issue of school education.

The study program of school pedagogy is conceptually built on a scientific knowledge concerning schools, school systems, didactic thought and research. It covers the whole network of knowledge representing a specific area of ​​current knowledge about school, school education and the contexts of external and internal activities.

The  program graduates will be prepared for scientific work in the field of school education. They obtain a sufficient basis for both the critical reading of school-political decision-making, as well as decision-making at the level of application of school policy and didactic research in particular school activities.


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