Q METHODOLOGY – Alternative Method of Research on Sexual Health Gabriel Bianchi, Miroslav Popper, Ivan Lukšík, Marianna Supeková ISBN 80-900981-6-9

This is the first comprehensive textbook on Q-Methodology in Slovakia. It is based on a complex experience of the authors with use and advancement of the Q-Methodological approach in psychology and related areas of research, mainly in the field of sexuality and health. The book presents theoretical background, practical instruction for Q-Methodology users and a critical reflection based on comparison to R-Methodology.

This work was a teamwork of all authors in the project VEGA no. 95/5305/474 ; the main contribution to the processing of case studies have G. Bianchi and M. Supeková ( I ), M. Popper (II.) and I Lukšík (III . ).

The reviewer was Emil Komárik

© autors

The book is available in Slovak language only.